How to Relieve an Itchy Beard

How to Relieve an Itchy Beard

For the last couple of years, many men have committed themselves into naturally allowing their beards grow as the society has become accustomed to this evolution of facial hair care routine versus the traditional clean-shaven look. Suffice to say, beards are now socially acceptable which is why many men are trying to wear them. A well-kept beard sure looks very masculine, vigorous and authoritative and almost any man can grow one as long as their genetic makeup will allow them to.

Have you noticed how some guys let their facial hair grow for a few days and have them entirely shaved right away like nobody’s business?  Chances are, they made a decision to grow out their beards but ended up getting rid of them because, it is in fact, a very itchy process especially for first timers. The itchiness actually last for about 3 weeks. If you must know, the beard growing process causes an uncomfortable itchy feeling because when your shave your stubbles, the tip of the beard hairs are left sharp after being sliced off by a razor and if you allow them to grow, they will rub and bump against the surface of the skin. Another reason would be ingrown facial hairs caused by shaving too close to the skin – the hair goes back inside its hair follicle and jams its edges while in the process of growing.

Many men cannot endure this inconvenience so they immediately resort to shaving all their manly whiskers off and settle back to their clean-shaven look. The beard growing process can get extremely irritating but by tweaking your current beard care routine, we can alleviate the nasty irritation that comes with it.

TIP 1: It is important that you keep your beard area clean using a beard cleanser like the MISTER BEARD WASH Cleanser . It is rich in natural botanicals that keeps your facial hair and skin thoroughly clean and fresh. Don’t use regular hair shampoo or facial cleansers because these products usually contains alcohol that can suck out all the moisture from the beard area that may cause the beard to itch further.

TIP 2: Make it a habit to condition the beard regularly to lock in necessary moisture on your facial hair and surrounding skin. A beard conditioner will soften those wiry stubble and won’t feel too harsh or sharp against the skin. We recommend using the MISTER BEARD WASH Hydrating Conditioner  because it has Ylang-Ylang extract which is a natural antiseptic that antiseptic that aids in fighting skin irritation.

TIP 3: Another step you can take is to deep condition your beard at least once a week to reduce itching. Deep conditioning the beard should not only make the beard and skin soft but should also remove deep seated impurities, environmental debris and even hard water residues from your beard area. You can achieve this by using the MISTER BEARD WASH Deep Conditioner . It is infused with oat extract which is a natural anti-irritant that soothes any irritation from the skin beneath the beard while conditioning the facial hair for ultra-smooth feel.

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