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Why Women Like Facial Hair?

Posted on November 15 2016

Do women like facial hair? It’s a question that many men would like a specific answer to. The truth is, it’s hard to tell exactly if women really prefer men with beards or with clean-shaved looks. It’s like asking who is more gorgeous, Christina Hendricks or Megan Fox. Women’s feelings about facial hair in general depend on their personal preferences. What we do know however is that there several reasons as to why women dig men sporting some fine beard. Here are some of them:


Fashion Statement: Wearing a beard is a fashion accessory. Guys with facial hair are seen as trendy these days. It can make a guy look stylish in a very classic or modern way, depending on how they incorporate it with their overall fashion statement. A beard doesn’t necessarily have to serve a specific function with any look you would want to pull off, but it can enhance your overall look and undoubtedly take it to the next level.

Mature Look: Men with beards are seen with a serious and intelligent aura and women like that! Women are very into the idea of having mature (not old) men by their sides. Well-groomed and trimmed beards can give men that stable and gentleman look which gives an impression that they can take care of their women.

Relaxed Mode: As much as women like serious looking guys, they also men with a carefree attitude. When men don’t shave and grow a beard, it can appear that they have an outgoing and rebellious character which can prove enthralling to many girls.

Intimate Deal: That tickling sensation when facial hair rubs against the sensitive skin around the lip area and face during intimate kissing drives women crazy! Studies have shown that men with beards can elevate women to the height of their sexual desire because of how it stimulates the delicate parts like no other.

Elegance and Sophistication: It’s amazing how beards can change a man’s appearance. Facial hair, when well-groomed and properly trimmed can make a guy boost with a touch of elegance and sophistication yet with a manly persona.


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