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Why Do Beards Itch and What To Do With It?

Posted on November 15 2016

Wearing a beard brings a sense of masculinity, authority, strength and honesty. Growing a beard is a very personal decision that many men make especially now that it is a current fad that’s not going away anytime soon. Most men have at least tried to grow their facial beards at least once in their lives but many of them would eventually get their razors to make the cut primarily because of they can get very, very itchy.


We must admit that beard itchiness was one of the biggest complaints we had back in the day. There’s nothing like an itchy beard to wreak havoc on what seems to be a perfect day especially when instant relief wouldn’t be possible.

So, you might be wondering why beards itch? Beards commonly itch for three reasons. It’s actually quite normal for the beard to itch when the person is just beginning to grow their facial hair in full glory. If you’ve been maintaining a clean-shaven look for the most of your life, the tip of your beard hairs have very sharp edges. This causes a great deal of discomfort which ultimately leads to ingrown facial hairs. When your beard hairs are left to grow, some of them tend to go back into the hair follicle, get trapped for some time and eventually force themselves out again as they scratch the follicle walls while they are at it. What you can do is to exfoliate the beard area with a gentle facial scrub to help clear out the pores and calm ingrown hairs to come out mildly. The coarse texture of exfoliating products can tip off ingrown hairs trapped from the follicles and allow it to grow outwards. Additionally, buy topical creams containing corticosteroid which helps in thinning out the epidermis on top of the hair follicles to free up the ingrown hairs.

Another reason why beards itch is when it lacks proper facial hair care routine. For instance, if you don’t apply conditioners or serums to your beard, the facial hair itself and the skin beneath it will become dry, rough and bristly to the point that it will scrape against the skin leaving it inflamed and irritated. Also, if you don’t wash your beard thoroughly and you don’t have the habit to wash it at least every other day, the skin beneath it will have a sebum build up and will attract all dirt, dust and food from accumulating along the beard hairs. For sure, soiled or dirty beard is an all-in-one instant access to beard itchiness. The key is to have a beard care routine and stick to it religiously. Your beard won’t clean itself so you should dedicate a significant amount of time to keep it clean and healthy.

Make it a habit to trim your beard in shape once in a while even if you’re pulling off a full beard. Facial hairs can go out of control when they grow in all angles and directions causing it to rub against the skin. Trimming your facial hair will help it grow evenly and avert stray hairs from poking your skin to avoid any beard itchiness.


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