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Top Tips On How To Tame Your Beard

Posted on November 15 2016

Men who are just beginning to grow a beard should know that facial hair, just like the hair on our heads, can also get unruly. Some men can actually grow that perfect beard while the rest needs to exert some effort to tidy it up. We call it a “bad beard day” when some of our facial hair goes in so many different directions which makes it look bushy and unkempt. Before you decide to shave your beard because manageability issues, read this post and learn how you can prevent tame stray hairs in your beard back to place.


Don’t Wash Your Beard Everyday – You probably heard this from hair care experts for like a gazillion times already. Washing your head’s hair daily will make it dry and will strip off its natural oil that weighs down the hair in place. This also goes for our facial hair that gets wiry and frizzy when it’s being wash on a regular basis. You may also use a regular shampoo given that you choose a gentle one so as not to irritate your facial skin. We suggest that you clean your beard using a specially formulated beard wash every other day to allow it to build up natural oil that will help minimize hair strays.

Your Beard Needs Conditioning – Facial hair feels coarser that the hair on our heads which means it needs to be conditioned just as much. Use beard conditioners or regular hair conditioners as directed (which basically means you have to let it sit for about 5 minutes before rinsing. These conditioners can soften the cuticle layers of facial hair and makes it more flexible for taming. Notice that after you condition your beard, you will be able to smoothly coax it in place compared to when you just wash it without conditioning. In addition, conditioners will make your beard lustrous and shiny.

Daily Beard Training – This may sound odd but running your fingers across your beard downwards every now and then throughout the day will help in making your hair go in a uniform direction. Stroking your facial hair is a sure-fire way of making it more flexible and easy to control in the long run.

Cut and Style – In case the first three suggestions mentioned here won’t make any difference, chances are you have a very coarse or curly beard. Use styling wax or setting hair gel and comb your beard into place. This should make your facial hair look tidy and neat. You can also consider using thinning shears to remove some of the hair in dense areas.


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