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The Health Benefits Of Beards And Mustaches

Posted on November 15 2016

Beards are officially in! Many men are throwing away their razors and letting their beards grow in full glory all in the name of contemporary masculinity. Beards and mustaches are virtually everywhere – George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jon Hamm and Joaquin Phoenix are just some of top caliber celebrities who are making the facial fluff trendy right now. More than just a style or fashion statement, sprouting facial hair provides astonishing health benefits to men.


According to a new research conducted in Australia (the country with highest skin cancer incidence rate in the world), facial hair acts as a natural sunscreen that protects the skin from the cancer-causing ultraviolet rays of the sun. Beards are found to block UV or ultraviolet rays from extending or reaching the skin anywhere between 50% to 95%. Beards and mustaches have a UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 2 to 21 depending on the length or density of the facial hair. This means that facial hair can lower the chances of many different kinds of skin cancer including melanoma and slow down the aging process.

Storing your razor in the depths of your bathroom cabinet also saves your skin from a number of skin irritations and infections associated with shaving like ingrown hairs or razor burn. Your razor can also aggravate existing skin conditions like acne, pimples and rosacea so allowing your facial hair to grow will lower the chances of skin problems related to the use of razors. Then again, if you really need to shave, say to shape or style your facial hair, use shaving creams and oils and a very sharp, clean razor to reduce the occurrence of skin irritations. In addition, practice proper shaving techniques to minimize skin damage.

Beards also work as a natural moisturizer. What happens is that the hair actually stops the natural moisture of the skin from evaporating leaving it supple and hydrated. The sebaceous glands excrete protective oils that coat the hair and skin making it more resistant to sun damage.

A full-grown mustache and beard can help men suffering from asthma because they will filter out dust and other allergens traveling in the air that prompts allergic reactions and attacks.

With all the health benefits that facial fluffs can offer, sporting a noticeable beard or mustache is your best bet.


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