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Styling Your Beard: Shaving Cream Alternatives

Posted on November 15 2016

You’ve been wearing your full beard for quite some time and have practiced a regular facial hair care routine that involves washing it with a beard wash, smoothing it with a beard conditioner and pampering it with beard oil. Sticking to this beard care customary means you hardly shave your manly whiskers and you simply trim them once in a while. One day, you looked at the mirror and said to yourself that you need to jazz up your beard style. That means you have got to get that razor from the depths of your bathroom cabinet to shape your facial fluff. You’re ready to make the “cut” only to realize that you don’t have any shaving cream in your stash. What’s a guy to do?


They probably never told you this but our grandfathers have shaved their beards and mustaches with kitchen and regular bath products long before shaving creams ever existed. Whether you are out of shaving cream or you just intend to perform a simple shave to shape or define your full beard (without the inconvenience of driving towards your local drugstore to get your hands on the first shaving cream product you see), there are few alternatives staring at you from your bathroom cabinet and kitchen cupboards waiting to be discovered.


Soap: Whatever happens, a bar of soap will always be present in your soap dish. Our grandfathers and even our fathers will attest to the reliability of soaps when it comes to softening the facial hair prior to shaving back in the end. While it’s true that using bar soaps can be drying when used as a pre-shaving product, you can always apply any hydrating beard oil or serum to bring back the moisture it sucked out of your skin and facial hair. Another benefit of using bar soap is it will inadvertently clean your razors while you’re working on that shave.

Baby Oil: Since this is a product created for infants, baby oil is gentle enough to be used as a lubricant in allowing your razors to glide across your skin and facial hair without much pressure. It will coat your skin and facial hair with a protective barrier that will prevent the razor blade from creating a nick. It’s the nature of baby oils to moisturize the skin and make it supple so you don’t have to apply any other moisturizing product after shaving with this product.

Lotions: Hand creams, hand lotions and body lotions have all the makings of a shaving cream if you look a little closer to its ingredients.  They apply just as smoothly and moisturize the skin the same way. The only difference is that the scent of lotions can be a little heavy compared to shaving creams since the latter is applied close to the mouth and nose. You just have to be careful in not applying lotions too close to your nose and mouth to avoid any discernible taste and scent.

Kitchen Oils: Olive oil, almond oil, vegetable oil, extra virgin coconut oil – name it! These oils are used in cooking so there’s absolutely nothing toxic about them. They have excellent moisturizing properties that work as effective emollient and let razors do its work without any inconvenience. They may clog or leave a heavy residue on your razor blades so make sure you clean them thoroughly before storing them back to your bathroom cabinet.


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