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Spread the Grin: Top Benefits of Smiling

Posted on November 15 2016

They say that “laughter is the best medicine” and we can definitely attest to that. A simple smile can lift up one’s spirit. It can even set a positive mood, manage stress levels and boost the immune system. With all the contributions smiling can give to a person’s overall health, we should definitely cheer up all the chance we get – even if the situation makes it hard for us to do it. Continue reading this post to learn more about the benefits of smiling.

1.)    The muscles around your face moves upwards when you’re smiling which consequently incites an endorphin release throughout the body. Known as the body’s natural pain killer, endorphin can assist in alleviating headaches and other body pains caused by stress or various physical activities. Additionally, endorphin will make you feel happy and energized to do exercise.

2.)    Force yourself to smile even if you’re experiencing emotional turmoil. Smiling can actually trick your brain into thinking that you are happy and will help you uplift your spirits.

3.)    Smiling makes a person more attractive. If you think about it, that is very beneficial in the context of a workplace. Smiling at work will make you look confident and pleasant. It will give your colleagues and bosses the impression that you are enjoying your work which will increase your chances of getting promoted

4.)    Studies show that smiling can lower blood pressure. The reason for this is that smiling can help a person calm down. Notice how people make a person with high blood pressure laugh for a while? Smiling will lighten up your mood and will slow down blood pressure.

5.)    Smiling can help you recover from social faux pas. When we have done something wrong, we tend to look down or look away from the people we are embarrassed from. Try to smile and let out a silly laugh – chances are, you’ll be forgiven instantly.

6.)    Smiling will strengthen your immune system and will make you miss your doctor for a while. A simple smile will enhance your immune function and you will hardly get sick.


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