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Skincare 101: Tips For Reducing Body Odor For Men

Posted on November 15 2016

Men tend to have stronger smell than women because of a biological predisposition that the former have high testosterone levels. This causes excessive apocrine sweat production which results into having that nasty odorous quality on the skin. Another reason is that there are many guys who wear such stench because of poor hygiene. There are ways on how you can reduce body odor. Check out these popular tips:


Shower Regularly – Sweat is actually odorless but once bacteria are thrown in the mix, they will multiply and live on the skin which results into having body odor. Take a shower at least once a day using antibacterial soaps and shower gels made especially for men to wash away your sweat and the bacteria that have accumulated in your skin. Pay attention to areas of the body that sweat the most like underarms, neck, feet and chest in order to eliminate any unpleasant smell.

Deodorants and Antiperspirants – Use heavy duty body odor fighting products after shower to ensure that you won’t end up having a stinky armpit in the middle of the day. Deodorants with zinc and aluminum ingredients may not be able to stop your skin from sweating but it can kill and hide the disagreeable smell of bacteria on your skin. Antiperspirants are designed to prevent the sweat glands from producing sweat so that no bacteria will live on the skin.

Clothing Matters – To shower regularly means you also have to wear fresh clothes afterwards. We’re referring to newly laundered clothes that are as clean as a whistle. It is imperative to always wear clean clothes because sweat and odor causing bacteria tend to cling on them. Don’t wear clothes you have already worn before because they will only contribute in intensify that bad smell. It is wise to bring extra clothing at all times so that you can instantly change if ever you sweat heavily. Be sure to change your socks daily especially if your feet tend to smell after wearing shoes.

Diet Watch – The consumption of certain foods that have pungency on them like garlic, onion and other spicy stuff should be avoided. Their strong aromas are known to travel into the blood vessels and manifests out of the sweat glands. Also, caffeine and alcohol causes the skin to sweat excessively.


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