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Natural Home Remedies For Effective Teeth Whitening

Posted on November 15 2016

Nobody wants a yellowish smile, most especially a brownish one which is why many of us would do whatever it takes to maintain a bright white smile. There are many dental methods you can try in order to achieve whiter teeth but we can’t deny that they are also relatively expensive. If you wish to have that perfect white teeth while getting a bang for your buck, you can try these natural teeth whitening home remedies that we swear by. With these top tips on how to naturally whiten the teeth using ingredients you can find at home, you will save a fortune from purchasing expensive white strips and bleaching gels that works just the same.



BAKING SODA & LEMON – We’re sure you’ve heard this before. The combination of baking soda and lemon has an illuminating and brightening effect on teeth. You can use them as stand-alone remedies but together, they double exceptional whitening results. Combine half teaspoon with a few drops of fresh lemon juice until you form a paste. Brush this mixture on your teeth and you’ll see the difference in no time. Limit the usage of this mixture to only once a week for its abrasive properties may damage your tooth enamel.

SAGE, GUAVA & BAY LEAVES – Go get some fresh sage, guava and bay leaves and wipe them on your gums and teeth for a more pearly white appearance. These herbal plants have embedded astringent properties that naturally lights up the whiteness of the teeth. Additionally, guava has antibacterial agents that eliminates bad breathe. You can also dry up these leaves and grind them into powder form and add to your regular toothpaste for brushing.

STRAWBERRY – Tooth stains from coffee, wine, soda and smoking can look embarrassing and rubbing crushed strawberry fruits onto the teeth will help remove them. This juicy fruit is infused with alpha-hydroxy acids that work like a bleach to whiten the teeth.

CELERY & CARROTS – This tip is not just limited to celeries and carrots because we’re actually referring to crunchy fruits and vegetables in general. Think of them as nature’s natural toothbrush. Chewing these crunchy goodies prevent plaque from building up which is one of the main reasons why teeth discolorations occur.


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