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Men’s Skincare Guide: How To Avoid Shaving Irritation

Posted on November 15 2016

Through the years, we’ve learned that shaving requires more than just swiping lubricants on the face and passing a razor or an electric shaver on it. If you are not shaving correctly, your skin will succumb to many phases of irritations which includes redness, rashes, blisters, over-exfoliation, dryness, ingrown hairs, razor burns and razor bumps. Not only do these shaving irritations cause a string of discomfort, they can also end up getting infected. If you are unswervingly experience these skin problems every time you hold that blade, it means you are doing something wrong and you need to learn at least a thing or two about manscaping.

Don’t Shave Against the Grain – We’re guessing you’ve heard this many times before and there’s a reason why it’s the case. We’re also guilty of making this mistake when we’re in a rush and we tend to shave too quickly. Going against the grain will allow you to cut down shaving time and will give you a nice close shave but it increases the chances of you getting itchy and in some cases, painful ingrown hairs. If the facial hair is cut too short, it can get covered by dirt and dead skin cells which will prevent it from growing outward so instead it will grow back and curl under.

Wet Facial hair With Warm Water – Facial hair can absorb water for up to 30% of its volume and when that happens, they become so soft. This is the reason why it’s best to shave the beard right after shower. Wet facial hair is actually weak and this means that they are easier to cut and will help you fight the urge to apply pressure on your beard and skin when you shave because it will no longer be necessary.

Exfoliate – Even if you have the sharpest razor around, they won’t stand well against the debris and other residues resting on the beard. What you can do is to exfoliate your face before shaving. Exfoliation will help you get the most out of your shaving experience by making your skin and facial hair free from dirt, beard product residues, dead skin cells and solidified skin oils. A clean skin and facial hair means the razor will be able to lift up the beard for a cleaner shave.

Always Finish With an After-Shave Product – Believe us when we say that after-shave products (of gel, cream or oil form) are no marketing conspiracy. They really help in soothing your skin and prevent any irritation from happening. After-shave products are very moisturizing and it will benefit your skin because shaving practically removes about two layers of the skin. Without after-shave, your skin will get very dry. Using an after-shave product will replace the moisture lost during shaving and will also give the skin a lasting, revitalizing feel.


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