Male Grooming Myths Debunked

Not all the grooming knowledge we heard from our folks are true. RpmBlue is here to dispute some of the most popular male grooming myths ever told.

Myth No. 1: Brush Your Teeth Immediately After Eating

No doubt, regular brushing of teeth is recommended for maximum oral health. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t do it right away after a meal especially if you’ve eaten beverages and edibles that are highly acidic. Brushing within 30 minutes of eating or drinking will increase the amount of acid that can burn the teeth enamel. The act of brushing will push the acid deep into the teeth and make them rot. With this, dentists recommend waiting a minimum of 30 minutes before picking up that brush.


Myth No. 2: Shave Your Beard to Make It Grow Thicker, Longer and Bushier

This is one of the male grooming myths that are actually hard to debunk. Many men still swear that shaving will improve the appearance and quality of their beards in terms of length and density. There’s no scientific evidence to prove these beliefs yet. What really happens is that when your shave your beard, the facial hairs grow with a coarser texture making it feel thicker than they really are. The tips of the facial hairs are tapered when shaved and reflects light in such a way that it creates an illusion of elongation.

Myth No. 3: Washing hair with too much shampoo is good because the more lather you get, the cleaner your hair gets.

If you think about it, this myth almost make a lot of sense. The more shampoo you use, the more suds you create. The foaming action that occurs when you wash your hair creates a psychological effect to make you think that the shampoo is really giving you thorough cleaning. A quarter-size amount of shampoo product because too much of it will expose your hair and scalp from potential chemical damage.


Myth No. 4: If your skin is oily, there’s no need to use a moisturizer.

Some men with oily skin think that they no longer need a moisturizer and that the excess oils from their skin are enough to keep it hydrated throughout the day. Contrary to what most people know, the primary purpose of moisturizers is to seal inside the natural water and moisture content of the skin so that it will stay hydrated. It also creates a protective barrier that shields the skin from all the daily environmental assailants. There are moisturizers that can make the skin oily so the rule of the thumb is to use a lightweight or water-based moisturizers if you have oily skin and use an oil-based one if your skin is very dry.

Myth No. 5: Don’t wear caps or hats because it will lead to baldness

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing caps. We love wearing a lot of these especially during summer to protect the head and hair from sun damage. You can wear any kinds of head gears for as long or as often as you like and we guarantee that it won’t cause any forms of hair loss. Balding is genetically predetermined so if you have one of those hair-loss genes, you will end up losing your hair whether or not you wear caps.

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