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Make Every Day A Good Beard Day

Posted on November 15 2016

Most men have the ability to grow their beards and you finally decided to sprout yours. Now that’s awesome – so say we all. Growing a full beard has its benefits for it can act as a natural sunscreen by blocking ultraviolet radiation and it can also make your mornings quicker by putting a halt to your daily shaving routine. Eventually, you’ve gotten used to wearing your beard because it makes you look masculine, wiser and independent.

Your bearded life was going great until you had a bad beard day – or days! For some reason, your beard suddenly becomes so stubborn that it refuses to be tamed. It seems like every facial hair is noticeably coarser, wiry and out of control. A bad beard day is enough to ruin your day because compared to a bad hair day that you can fix with a baseball cap or a hair band, there’s virtually no accessory that can conceal a beard that is throwing a tantrum. Bummer!

Good thing, there are three basic rules of beard grooming and caring that you can follow to ensure that you’re going to have a manageable beard daily. The first rule is to wash your beard thoroughly. Don’t make the mistake of washing your beard in the morning with the soap or shampoo suds trickling down your chin. Your facial hair is more delicate and sensitive that the hair on your head so washing it with your regular shampoo or facial bar soap can wreak havoc to your beard. Use specially formulated beard wash product like the MISTER BEARD WASH Daily Beard Cleanser that will effectively remove all the dirt, sebum and other build up on your facial hair and the skin beneath it.

The second rule is to avoid drying your facial hair with a blow dryer. As we have already mentioned before, the facial hair is more sensitive that the hair on your head and so trying to dry it with a blow dryer can dry it out and make it significantly brittle. We recommend using a soft towel to blot out excess water from your beard and work your way downwards. Don’t think about using a rough towel and vigorous rubbing because you’ll end up with a beat up and whacked beard once it gets dry. Then, if your beard is damp or nearly dry, get a wide-toothed comb and comb your facial hair downwards so that it won’t go all over the place.

Finally, set your beard into your desired shape and form with a leave-on beard conditioner or beard serum. Put a pea size amount of product on your palm and gently massage it from the roots down to the tips. Just add a little more if needed – don’t apply a lot of product all at once because too much of this product can make your beard look greasy and weighed down. Beard conditioners like the MISTER BEARD WASH Hydrating Conditioner, will also make your beard and the skin beneath it moisturized throughout the day.


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