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How To Take Care of Your Beard Trimmer

Posted on November 15 2016

In evolutionary context, men are hairier than women. This makes a beard trimmer a very essential tool for general manscaping and men’s grooming.  There are hundreds, if not, thousands of trimmers out there that come in different styles, features and prices. Men tend to trim or shave their beards or mustaches every once in a while to keep themselves neat and kempt. Others do it for the aesthetic purpose of styling their facial fluff to anything they want. Whether you’re using a beard trimmer to keep a clean-shaven look or maintain various beard styles, it is important that you get the ideal results you want from your beard trimmer at all times. And so today, we’re going to share with you our top tips on how to keep your beard trimmer in good condition.

Tip # 1: Make sure you keep your beard trimmer dry at all times. This is most applicable after each and every use or else, the blades will wear out and can get rust issues. Check for possible liquid entries on gap and holes or else, the internal parts will malfunction in the long run and decrease its efficiency. What’s even worse is that it will get damaged and will no longer be in its original operating condition.

Tip #2 Aside from keeping your beard trimmer dry after each use, you also have to make sure it is clean. Remove all debris or hair clippings from the screen compartment. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual on how to clean the beard trimmer you’re using. Some actually needs a special cleaning tool or brush while others either clean on their own or need a cleaning solution to be sanitized.

Tip #3: Store your beard trimmer in a dry, secured place. Don’t just leave it beside your wet sink or throw it inside your full drawer because if you do, it can get damaged. Dedicate a space for your beard trimmer inside a cabinet where it won’t get wet or knocked off. You can also put it in a sturdy box away from all possible harm and dirt.

Tip #4: Take time to remove some of the parts or extra attachments from the trimmer to ensure that you will be able to clean your beard trimmer thoroughly. It is also important that these add-ons are taken from the beard trimmer body before storage to protect it from metal oxidation. In addition, you may use your beard trimmer for a specific purpose next time and finding your beard trimmer to have an attachment you don’t necessarily need will cause inevitable nuisance.


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