How to Straighten Curly Beard

One of the most common beard-related questions we get is how to straighten curly facial hair. While a curly beard can add a distinct flare to various beard styles, it still pays to smooth out coiled or wavy facial hair to change one’s overall look. Straightening curly beards should be dealt with extra precaution and care to avoid getting burned or drying out the beard in the process. Here’s a tip to help curly bearded men straighten their facial hair without hair perming chemicals.


Step 1: First things first: wash and condition curly beard. Let it dry using a hair dryer with a cold shut button. The removal of oils, dirt or dead skin cells on every facial hair strand and the skin beneath it will help the beard become smoother and softer which will consequently make it adhere better with the straightening process. Alternatively, the beard can be washed today and have is straightened the next day. Just don’t wait more than one day or else, the skin’s natural oils will begin coating the facial hair and will become less compliant to straightening.

Step 2: Spritz on a heat protectant spray to the beard to prevent hair thermal damage. Choose a heat protectant spray that already has straightening or flattening properties as much as possible. Partition facial hair into ½ inch sections.

Step 3: Get a flat iron and heat it up with its lowest setting possible to avoid getting burned. Keep in mind that facial skin is way too sensitive to be exposed to high heat settings of most hair styling tools so keep the heat at minimum at all times. Now, take one section of facial hair and give it a run over the flat iron at a steady pace repeatedly until it gets straightened out. Do the same with the rest of the facial hair sections until all of them are finished.

Step 4: After straightening the beard, work a small amount of pomade through it. The wax formula of most pomade products will protect the beard from battling water and moisture in order to keep the facial hair straight throughout the day.

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