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How To Stop Hair From Being Greasy and Oily

Posted on November 15 2016

Who wants to deal with greasy hair every single day? We know we don’t because having oily hair is a challenging hair issue to face. Oily hair can give people the impression that you haven’t washed it in a while (which is pretty embarrassing if you’re going to ask us) even you did.


One way or another, every man has already experienced a tough battle with oily scalp and hair. It is caused by an excessive production of oil on the scalp under hereditary or hormonal causes. If you’re suffering from overtly greasy hair, continue reading this post and learn how to control or manage too much oil on your scalp from transferring on your hair shaft.

Stop Washing Your Hair Daily – We all thought that washing the hair daily will lessen the amount of oil resting on the hair shaft. While this is basically true, the fact that we overlook when washing hair daily is that the scalp gets dry and the oil it produces gets stripped off. The scalp interprets the dryness that constant washing causes as a sign that more oil needs to be produced. The result being your scalp and hair gets soaked with more oil than ever before. Break this nasty cycle by washing your hair every other day. It will take a little getting used to but this will give your hair ample amount of time to replace natural oils at normal rate so that your scalp will not produce excessive amounts of oil. Stay away from men shampoos that have extra moisturizing properties and opt for those that are designed for oily hair.

Quit Touching Your Hair – It’s inevitable to touch the hair but if you really want to keep the oil at bay, keep it at minimum. Our hands have natural oils in them and running them through your hair will make the oil transfer on the hair which will add to the burden. Residues of hand creams for men or anything you were holding prior to touching your hair will weigh it down. If you really need to touch your hair, wash your hands first so that no oil residues will crossover the hair.

Give The Hair Brush a Rest – We’ve heard other people say that brushing hair will make the oiliness of hair unnoticeable because doing so will evenly distribute the oil from the scalp down to the hair shaft and hair tips. Here’s what we think – brushing hair will stimulate the oil glands on your scalp which means it will produce more oil.

Change Your Pillow Case Regularly – Since you have oily hair, it’s easy to predict that the grease on your hair and scalp will also transfer to your pillow case when sleeping at night. Make it a habit to change your pillow case at least twice a week to avoid having the oily hair residues from your pillow to go back to the original source which is your hair!


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