How To Grow Beard Faster

How To Grow Beard Faster

For centuries, full facial hair has been considered as a symbol of masculinity, authority, intelligence and power. Today, many men sport full beard for a variety of reasons which includes looking more manly, confident, mature and sexy towards women. According to recent studies, women find men more attractive and appealing when they look scruffy with little stubbles here and there. For this reason, most guys would grow their beards one way or another.



Growing a beard doesn’t happen overnight. We can also take into consideration that genetics and testosterone levels can get in the way of you getting that glorious beard. It dictates how much hair you’ll be able grow but there are some things you can do to stimulate its growth faster.

1.)    Learn how to eliminate all possible stressors in your life. Stress can affect your overall well-being which can cause dramatic decrease in your skin’s health which will apparently slow down the hair growth process. Consequently, the facial hair you may already have may become brittle, sparse and thin. Engage in various exercises to reduce stress significantly like breathing and meditation.

2.)    Stick to a skincare routine that works well for your skin type. Use a foaming facial wash and exfoliator that will clear your pores and remove dead skin cells to allow facial hair to grow without any obstacles (i.e. dirt, excess oil, whiteheads, blackheads, dry skin). Use a moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated and soft to touch. A healthy skin will also prevent ingrown hairs from occurring.

3.)    Tweak your diet by eating foods that are rich in vitamins a and c, proteins and minerals like fish, sweet potatoes, carrots, eggs and grains which promotes hair growth.

4.)    Get at least 8 hours a day of sleep as much as possible. Our bodies takes the opportunity to repair damaged cells during this state which consequently helps in making hair grow without too much of an effort.

5.)    Massage essential oils like jojoba oil, lavander oil, eucalyptus and coconut oil to stimulate hair growth. Find oils that are organic and naturally made because they deliver better results and are unlikely to irritate the skin compared to the store-bought counterparts.

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