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How To Care For The Skin Under Your Beard

Posted on November 15 2016

Contrary to popular belief that growing a beard is more cost-effective because you get to save significant buck for overpriced (and sometimes overrated) blades and razors, it’s not exactly as low-maintenance as many of us think. Our beards should be taken care of with the right products and methods or else they will become bushy, hard as wire and severely dry – including the skin beneath where they actually grow.



We are often asked by many newly-bearded gentlemen about how they can take care of the skin under their facial hair to prevent it from getting dry, itchy and flakey. RpmBlue is going to answer this question with the following tips below:

1.)    Most guys wash their beards with their regular facial cleanser which kind of makes sense since facial hairs are technically on our faces. Then again, most facial cleansing products have alcohol which can make your beard go really dry and in effect, your beard will pull out all the remaining moisture from your skin leaving it way too dry for comfort. If a dedicated beard wash is not available, use a mild shampoo with moisturizing agents instead to add much needed moisture on your beard and skin.

2.)    Always apply a conditioner on your beard to keep both of the skin and beard hydrated for hours after washing. Look for hair conditioners that are infused with essential oils like olive oil, jojoba oil or sapote oil which are very efficient in penetrating the skin and hair shaft to seal the moisture within. You can always use special beard conditioners or your regular hair conditioner as long as it is mild enough not to irritate your facial skin.

3.)    Make sure you completely towel dry your beard because as ironic as it may sound, leaving excess moisture on your beard will make it super dry. Allowing hard water dry all on its own has a drying effect because the minerals in it will coat and lingeron your beard and skin leaving them dull, and lifeless.

4.)    We hate to break it to you but those long hot showers you’ve been taking all winter-long is detrimental to the overall health of the skin under your beard. Hot water strips off your skin’s natural oils and moisture leaving it super dried out and sometimes flakey. Keep the temperature lower next time, your skin will thank you for it!


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