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Facial Hair Styling: Beard Trimming Tips and Tricks

Posted on November 15 2016

So you’ve finally grown a decent beard after several weeks of enduring an uncomfortable itchy period. Now, it’s about time to get that automatic beard trimmer or barber’s scissor to trim your beard according to your personality and how you want to enhance your desirable facial features. A well-kept beard gives the impression that a guy values his appearance and overall hygiene habits. Beard trimming can be an arduous and tricky task and so it is imperative to know a few tips on how to do it right.


First of all, your manly whiskers need to be properly pampered to keep it from being coarse and wiry. Use specially formulated beard wash and conditioning products in order to make facial hair clean and soft. A well-groomed beard that is manageable and free from any grime is easy to trim because it won’t leave any residues from the steel blades of your trimming and cutting tools.

Always trim your beard when it’s dry. There’s a tendency for facial hair to hang straighter and longer when it’s wet so you will end up trimming too much of it.

One should make certain that the beard is completely dry when beginning the trimming process. It is likely that one will cut off more hair than desired if it is wet because wet hair hangs straighter and looks longer.

When using scissors to trim your beard, start by combing your facial hair according to the direction of its growth. This will help keep your beard in place before trimming it. Use a fine toothed hair comb as a guide to know where the facial hair should be cut evenly. Barber’s scissors require more expertise and a steady hand so if you’re a newbie, use an automatic beard trimmer. This trimming tool has an adjustable trimming guide that can easily control the beard length.

Lastly, don’t get too proximate to the jaw line otherwise, your beard will look too short. Trim facial hair just above your Adam’s apple and go along the natural contours of the face.



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