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Common Men’s Skincare Problems and Solutions (Part II)

Posted on November 15 2016

Here are some more common skin troubles that guys deal with every day and their handy solutions.


Pimples and Acne – These nasty red bumps continue to hunt us down even if we’re way past our adolescent years. You will still develop pimples or acne even if you’re the epitome of ideal diet and hygiene because of so many skin assailants like stress, humidity, sun exposure and a whole lot more. Pimples and acnes will flare up one way or another so it’s better to be armed with knowledge on how to control or treat them once they pop out. For intermittent and random red bump occurrences, you can always go to the nearest drugstore and purchase an OTC benzoyl-peroxide cleanser or spot treatment. If your pimples or acne appears ever so often and looks unpleasant (or painful) enough, that’s the time when you have to speak with a dermatologist for suitable medical advice.


Sunburn – Exposure to the harsh rays of the sun can turn your skin red raw. Guys who don’t wear sunscreen, sunglasses or wardrobe when going outdoors are very prone to having sunburn. It is important to have sun protection products and gears to shield your skin from the effects of UVA and UVB rays – even during wintertime. In case you are already suffering from a bad case of sunburn, apply vitamin E serum to heal the burnt areas right away.


Dark Under-Eye Circles – Those bluish and purple bags under the eyes can make a guy look way too mature for his age. While dark under eye circles are most likely caused by one’s genetic makeup, stress, lack of sleep and unbalanced diet can worsen this condition. There are many concealers for men from both high end skincare and drugstore brands which reduce the appearance of this dark eye bags instantly but temporarily. We recommend treating this problem with a well-balanced diet and a stress free lifestyle.  Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated and eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin C will reduce the puffiness and dark hues under the eyes. Consequently, you can also try the traditional method of placing cucumber slices on closed eyes to rejuvenate the skin surrounding the eyes.


Athlete’s Foot – This fungal infection is not exclusive to athletes. If you spend a lot of time at the gym and you take shower at the communal showers, you are prone to having athlete’s foot. The infection starts at areas that remain wet after shower like the spaces between the toes. Soon after, they spread to the nails, heels and the sides of the feet. Look for creams and ointments that’s contains clotrimazole and apply it to affected areas at least three times a day for two weeks or until the infection completely clears up. Soak your feet to warm water with sea salt for 10 minutes to reduce itching.


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