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Common Men’s Skincare Problems and Solutions (Part I)

Posted on November 15 2016

Skin problems are common for men, women and people of all ages. There’s a popular misconception that men are less likely to have skin problems than women and children because of the overall quality of their skin. It’s true that men’s skin is approximately 25% thicker, tougher and fuller compared to women because of their high testosterone levels but these qualities don’t exempt them from experiencing a variety of skincare problems like everyone else. The good news is that there are solutions and treatments to some of the most common skincare problems men encounter everywhere. Continue reading this post to alleviate the nuisances of men’s skincare problems with these simple tips.


Men’s Skincare Problem No. 1: Razor Burn and Bumps

The Solution: Perhaps you shaved against the grain to get a closer shave? Maybe you shaved over a particular area repeatedly? There are four three rules when it comes to shaving so that you can avoid (or at least minimize) razor burn. The first rule is to ensure that a quality shaving cream, shaving gel or pre-shaving oil are applied to the shaving area so that the skin will have enough lubrication to allow the razor to glide on top of it. The second rule is to shave while following to grain to avoid developing bumps and ingrown hair. Next, the third rule will require you to change the razor blade at least once a week so that the blade will not tug the skin. Lastly, no matter how careful you are, it’s still possible that some areas on the skin can get aggravated with excessive motion from the razor so use a good aftershave or moisturizing balm to soothe tender areas.


Men’s Skincare Problem No. 2: Blisters

The Solution: Men who are living active lifestyles commonly get blisters. This painful skin problem occurs when the skin gets rubbed against shoes or other sporting equipment more than the usual to the point that the skin parts into two layers with fluid developing between them. It’s not a serious skin problem and it can actually heal on its own if you let it be or leave it alone but the sharp pain that comes along with it is very uncomfortable. You can avoid developing blisters by lubricating the skin with petroleum jelly. Cover the blister with a bandage to protect the tender area from infection while it heals itself and try to develop new skin in between the skin layer.


Men’s Skincare Problem No. 3: Dry, Chapped or Cracked Lips

The Solution: The lips don’t have oil-producing glands which is why we tend to more moisture in them that anywhere else on the face or body. Loss of moisture in the lips caused by the dry air during winter or extreme heat during summer will cause it to dry, chap or crack (in severe cases). Make sure you drink plenty of water every day to stay hydrated. Help your lips to retain moisture by applying generous amount so lip balm every two to three hours.


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