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Common Beard Problems and Solutions

Posted on November 15 2016

It’s official – sporting facial hair is in! Beards have long been a symbol of strength, authority and masculinity which is why it’s no longer a mystery why most men want to sprout one. The bearded look is immensely becoming so popular that you can easily spot Hollywood celebrities, models, public figures and even guys on your block their facial fluff in all its glory.

Beards can take a man’s overall look to the next level. It provides mystery, depth and substance that makes a man very interesting and appealing. Ask any clean-shaven guy about growing a beard and chances are, they will tell you that they have once sported a beard before. Most often than not, men who can’t maintain their beards are those who can’t get past some of the most common facial hair growing problems. If you’re trying to grow a full beard or just a little stublle and can’t live with the discomfort in the process, continue reading this post for basic and effective solutions that will take your hands off that shaver.

If the facial hairs are very dry, course and texturized, there is a chance that they will curl back inside the follicle and grow sideways to the skin. This means they won’t be able to break through the skin correctly and you’ll be left with an aftermath that is significantly uncomfortable and sometimes painful. If there’s a dead skin cell build up, oil or dirt surrounding the area, the ingrown hair may also get infected. The most common causes of ingrown hair for those who are sporting a beard are the improper trimming method of shaving against the grain and having too much build up in the skin beneath the beard. The solution is to always trim your beard along the sides by shaving along the grain and to make sure you wash your beard to remove any product or dead skin cell build up on both facial hair and on the skin where it goes.

Beard can get very itchy without a proper beard care routine. Some use their regular shampoo or bath soap to wash their facial hairs and this is basically, one of the major causes of beard itching. Cleansing products that are not specially formulated for the beard usually carries a number of harsh ingredients that can suck the moisture of the facial hair and skin beneath it causing them to get very dry. They can also leave product residues that can clog the pores. Facial hair dryness and clog pores are some of the major causes of beard itching and the best way to resolve this is to make sure you are using the right grooming products for your beard. A beard cleanser and beard conditioner effectively removes dirt and oil from the beard while locking in moisture on the skin at the same time. There are also beard oils and beard leave-in conditioner that you can apply after washing the beard to seal in the moisture on your facial hair.



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