Beard Myths Debunked (Part 2)

Looks like there are more beard myths roaming around and impeding men to grow their potential beards. RpmBlue is here to debunk them once and for all.




Myth No. 7: Some people would do facial exercises to help their beards grow quicker. The reason originated from a theory which postulates that special exercises will make blood run through the face and encourage facial hair growth. Other people would do the same for their scalp in reference to this belief. The truth is, assisting blood circulation on the face and scalp through firm tapping movements from fingertips will help you get an improved skin texture and complexion by reducing obvious unevenness and blotchiness. It doesn’t necessarily cause facial hair to grow at a faster rate.

Myth No. 8: Your girlfriend or your wife would probably agree if they hear the common misconception that the best way to trim and shape your beard is with a barber. The truth is, shaping and trimming beard needs a lot of getting used to and the best person to do this job is you. Nobody knows the patterns of your facial hair and the direction where they grow better than you.

Myth No. 9: Only men with dark hair can pull off beard. The reality is that anybody can potentially grow a beard despite what color of hair they have. Fair-haired guys are afraid that their beard would appear sparse and thin due to some certain lighting and distance. This is quite true if the beard is just beginning to grow but once it grows into a significant length, it will look just as good and fuller as with dark hair.

Myth No. 10: If you are a traveller and you tend to go out of the country for business or for whatever reason, it’s not convenient to grow a beard  because passport and other credentials will show you as shaven. Well, it’s not an inconvenience to tell you the truth. Airport officials are trained and qualified to look beyond a photo despite the presence of a beard and change in hair color or hair style.

Myth No. 11: Bald spots around the cheek area mean you cannot grow a full beard. As they always say, good things come to those who wait. The reality is that facial hair doesn’t grow in the same pace. It would take months for a full beard to fill over the chin, neck and cheeks. Be patient, those sparse areas will eventually catch up and will be filled in completely before you knew it.

Myth No. 12: Some guys are afraid to grow a beard due to a misconception that it feels itchy all the time. This is true during the first two weeks of not shaving but it also passes in no time. Some people tend to have itchy beard due to hygiene issues and varying skin conditions. Overall, facial hair becomes softer after going through the stubble stage.

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