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Beard Care 101: How To Straighten Your Beard

Posted on November 15 2016

Kinky, coiled or curly facial hair can give any bearded man a distinctive and well-defined look. It gives that edgy, authoritative yet quirky appeal to a bearded man’s overall appearance. You may find that even men with straight hair on their heads tend to have curly beard because facial hair is naturally coarser and more texturized. If you’re one of those bearded guys who wish to straighten their curly, or to others, unmanageable wavy beard, we’ll be more than happy to share this beard straightening tip to you. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to use harsh chemical straighteners to keep your wiry beards straight. Be reminded that facial hair rests very close to the mouth and nose so using perming products may not be ideal.

Step 1: Your beard needs tender loving care from regular washing and conditioning. Many men have grown accustomed to washing and conditioning their beards using the same shampoo and conditioner they use on the hair on top of their heads. If you’re one of those men, we urge you to try using a cleanser and a conditioner made especially for beards and see the difference. For starters, you can try the MISTER BEARD WASH Daily Beard Cleanser and Hydrating Conditioner. These specially formulated products for the beard are made with all-natural ingredients to ensure that your beard and the skin beneath are nourished, cleaned and moisturized without the harsh chemicals found in most beard and hair products. They effectively remove deep seated dirt and condition the beard which allows proper taming.

Step 2: After washing and conditioning the beard with the right beard care products, use a towel to remove excess water. Brush it thoroughly to smooth it out and to eliminate any tangles.

Step 3: There are guys who swear by using a setting gel to keep the facial hair in place. Then again, setting gels have the tendency to melt under high temperature. The summer season is still in full swing so we recommend using a silicone cream instead. You can purchase this at drugstores and basically, what’s good about silicone creams is that it remains stable under various temperatures.

Step 4: Apply the silicone cream on your beard and comb it straight with a hair dryer. Hot air can end up drying your beard so opt for one that has a cold shut button. Once the silicone cream sets, it’s going to make them firmer. Your beard will remain straight throughout the entire wear.


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